About the blog

About the Blog

Every good professional cook or chef has some variation of a little notebook that is within reach at all time.  Whether it is the phone, an online document, a stack of crumpled paper towels, or even an actual little notebook, ideas are fleeting and need to be recorded.  This blog is an extension of my little notebook.

If you’ve come here for well tested recipes, or ideas for a simple weekday dinner for two, you’ve unfortunately come to the wrong place.  This blog is a window into my mind, and its not so organized in there.

Recipes I post may not work and I will be clear if I didn’t like the results.  But I will also take a dive into why I think it failed and maybe revisit it in the future.  I think reading about my mistakes is just as beneficial as reading about my successes.

Recipes I post may be incomplete.  It may be a sauce, just a sauce, with nothing to go on.  Or a technique that I’m playing around with.  I may have an idea for a garnish in January that I bring back to finish off a composed dish I think up in November.

I apologize in advance because this blog is not primarily meant for you.  It is meant for me as a way to track my development as a cook.  Hopefully, you’re stick around to watch me grow.


  1. Nina Kinoti-Metz · September 3, 2014

    Ron Fan, you did it again. I love this blog. Makes me happy reading it. Oh and hungry!


    Liked by 1 person

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