In October Drinking Horchata


A menu consulting project had me making horchata for the first time.  While most people in the United States think of horchata as a Mexican rice-based drink, the beverage is also prevalent in Spain and across Latin America, and can be made with a variety of ingredients such as barley, sesame seeds, almonds and chufa nuts.   Read More

Brown Butter Butter

There is not a typo in the title of this post.  This is my attempt to make a spreadable brown butter.

Brown butter butter

Brown butter butter

Here’s the background info before hopping in:

Butter is made by agitating cream until its solids and liquids separate.  The solids, aka butter, consist of butterfat, milk proteins, and water.  The liquid byproduct of churning butter from cream is buttermilk, though different from the cultured buttermilk you pick up at the supermarket.  If you’ve ever ruined a nice frothy whipped cream by whipping it too much, you may have noticed small bits of fat globules forming in the bowl.  You were on your way to making butter! Read More