Shrimp Oil


My wife doesn’t like eating shrimp still in the shell.  As much as I try to convince her that the shell is where all the flavor is, she just doesn’t want to be bothered.  Her loss, my gain.  Every time we eat shrimp, I peel them before cooking them and stash the shells in the freezer.  Once I have an adequate amount, I use them to make shrimp oil. Read More

Brussel Sprout Pistachio Pasta

Brussel Sprout Pistachio Pasta

In the beginning of the week, I often make a meal that will feed me and my wife for a couple of days.  Its economical and easy, and, since I work nights, its one of the only times I can to cook at home.  And when it comes to making “family meal” sized portions, pasta is always a good way to go.  But just because I have to cook in bulk doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun. Read More