Vegetarian Croissant Dressing


Let me start off by saying that this recipe is a pain in the behind.  You will want to start this recipe a few days before you need the dressing because some of these components take time to cook.  But if you want a meatless stuffing that has the full on savory punch of one made with chicken stock or sausage, you’ll find this stuffing well worth your time.

The “meatiness” comes from deeply caramelized onions and dehydrated mushroom powder, both of which bring in complex umami flavors not unlike the flavors of seared meat. Read More

Brown Rice Turkey Congee: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey Congee

Thanksgiving leftovers are great until you open up the refrigerator a week before Christmas and see Tupperware containers of uneaten turkey breast ready for the trashcan.  At the same time, there are only so many turkey sandwiches that one can eat.  When it comes down to divvying up leftover turkey in my family, I usually go for the carcass only.  I use it to make stock that can be frozen and used later.  This year, I also picked up a drumstick – BONUS!  My aunt took the turkey wings and told me she was making congee (jook in Cantonese).  I thought it was a great idea and wanted to do the same. Read More